Our research areas


CHIMICA ITALIANA INTERNATIONAL believes that the word “Fashion” is synonymous of “Satisfaction”. People satisfaction that buy a bag, a shoe or a chemical product where is involved our know-how. We sell chemical products able to satisfy the actual market requirements, but overall products able to give personality to each article.

We are always in touch with fashion and whatever makes trend, paying attention to enclose in all our new development what is the stylists suggestion for each season.Whoever chooses CHIMICA ITALIANA INTERNATIONAL as partner makes a long term and profitable choice.



Eco-friendly products together with environment respect are the base of our thinking. To satisfy this thinking we work constantly developing products with low impact to the environment from beamhouse to finishing.

We work trying to preserve the natural world resources for the new generation same as we received from our grandfathers. We believe in these values, so we strictly respect all the national and internationals rules to guarantee an eco friendly production with low pollution impact. We invest most of our resources in research and development of new chemicals to preserve the environment and the end users health.



CHIMICA ITALIANA INTERNATIONAL is always updated to the latest production technology able to merge together the main characters of “fashion” and “environment”.We consider research and development the engine that move and distinguish CHIMICA ITALIANA INTERNATIONAL from our competitors.

Dynamicity, environment care, creativity, fashion and continuous research, together with well trained and high qualified technical team are what we consider our winning point.