The company was founded in 2002 by incorporating a chemical company already operating in the Italian market since more than 10 years.
From the very beginning CHIMICA ITALIANA INTERNATIONAL has set as its mission the satisfaction of the Customer by developing innovative products and items with an eye always turned to the protection of the environment.


CHIMICA ITALIANA INTERNATIONAL specializes in manufacturing and marketing the full range of products for both wet-end and leather finishing.
Among our products you will find Auxiliaries, Synthetic Tannins and Resins, Oils and Fats, Dyes, Vegetable Tannins and a complete choice of products for Finishing.
The entire production is specially designed to be able to satisfy an increasingly specialized and demanding market in an extremely short time.


CHIMICA ITALIANA INTERNATIONAL makes use of a complete and automated production line ensuring a high quality standard.
All our production is checked and tested before being shipped to customers.
The availability of considerable stock in our warehouses allows orders to be fulfilled very quickly, with average delivery times even within the day.


CHIMICA ITALIANA INTERNATIONAL makes use of modern and efficient laboratories for both the wet phase and the leather finishing phase, offering customers personalized service both as production support and as development of new articles.


Our team of professional, motivated and experienced technicians is available to our customers both for fine-tuning new items and as support in solving problems that may arise during production.


An extensive sales and commercial network allows us to be able to support our customers with customized visits both in Italy and abroad.


CHIMICA ITALIANA INTERNATIONAL strong with decades of know-how in the production and use of chemicals for the tanning and finishing of leather, stands as a champion of MADE IN ITALY. All the knowledge and experience gained over the years is constantly made available to develop and highlight the characteristics of leather.


CHIMICA ITALIANA INTERNATIONAL in collaboration with several “style centers” operating in the Fashion and Luxury sectors, reproduces selected indications and trends on the skin.
CHIMICA ITALIANA INTERNATIONAL is the point of reference for all customers who want to anticipate fashion trends and win the challenges that an increasingly globalized world imposes.


The research of new products and new production processes is the daily work of our laboratories.
In addition, CHIMICA ITALIANA INTERNATIONAL making use of a series of collaborations with the most qualified Tuscan University Research Institutes positions itself at the forefront of the study of new products and/or applications of new technologies for the production of leather


Environmental protection is the beacon that CHIMICA ITALIANA INTERNATIONAL has always followed both in the development of new products and in the formulation of new formulations.
The entire range of products marketed by CHIMICA ITALIANAINTERNATIONAL meets the most stringent existing parameters for environmental protection in the field of leather tanning chemicals.
We are particularly proud of our production methodology that allows us to obtain ecological leathers, designed in total respect for the environment, marked by the ECO FRIENDLY Product mark